Retrospective at the Wexner Center for the Arts

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I’m thrilled to be heading to Columbus, OH where we’ll be performing 32 Sounds as part of a retrospective of my work at the Wexner Center for the Arts! The retrospective starts on Wednesday, September 28 with a screening of The Rainbow Man/John 3:16. This was my first film, and I finished as a resident  at the Wexner’s Film/Video Studio (my… Read more »

32 Sounds at BAM

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Thanks to everyone who came to the run of six sold-out shows we did of 32 SOUNDS at BAM recently. That was great fun!!!  (Couldn’t make it? Check out this review of 32 SOUNDS in the New York Times, and stay tuned for upcoming shows at!)

32 Sounds at Sundance

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An odd and wonderful premiere last Thursday of 32 SOUNDS on the Sundance virtual spaceship! One of the great things was the many people who texted me photos of themselves watching at home. Thanks to everyone who tuned in – I’m still processing! We have more screenings coming up this week:

Work in Progress: 32 Sounds

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I said to Kat “this is the hardest movie I’ve ever made! I don’t think I can do it.” And she said,  “you say that every time – you said it with the last movie, and the one before that!” And I said “really???” And she said “yes!” And I said “but this time I really mean… Read more »

7 Sounds at Sundance

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This week, JD Samson and I shared a new iteration of 7 Sounds at the Sundance Film Festival as part of their New Frontiers program. We’ve done a few versions of the project before — at IDFA and the Headlands Center for the Arts — but this 30-ish minute piece featured seven brand new sounds,… Read more »

7 Sounds at IDFA

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JD Samson and I were thrilled to have 7 Sounds featured as the opening night performance at IDFA’s new media program, do {not} touch. The show was streamed simultaneously by listeners all over the world. Looking ahead to 2021, we’ll be pushing the piece forward in exciting new ways, and will have some exciting news to… Read more »

Shooting with Annea

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I filmed recently with the great avant-garde composer Annea Lockwood for my new documentary on sound. Annea was recording the Hudson River with a hydrophone. She’s a hero of mine, so it was a huge pleasure. I’m looking forward to featuring her and her work!

“7 Sounds” Live Stream

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I did a live-streamed short piece called 7 Sounds for the Headlands Center for the Arts with my great collaborator JD Samson. It’s hard to know what to call things at this point – was it a radio documentary? A sound walk? A live podcast? Who knows? In any event, it was a 20-minute mostly… Read more »

Don’t Call Me Gay Zelig

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“Don’t Call Me Gay Zelig” is a 30 minute live cinema portrait that debuted at the Whitney Biennial in August 2019. The film is about gay activist Jim Fouratt who played central roll in the Stonewall uprising. Live score by JD Samson.