April 16, 2015

BG_SG Parrish articleMy old friend Brent Green and I premiered a new live cinema program recently at the Parrish Museum in the Hamptons. A while back Brent suggested that we do an evening together of our short live film-music pieces. Brent is an animator and has been making fantastic live cinema for many years. I’m a big fan, so I loved the idea. We reached out to Brendan Canty, who is a longtime collaborator of both, to put together music. He was joined by James Canty and Kate Ryan. Brent and I alternated – he did one piece, then I did one, etc. I had been unsure how our films would play next to each other, but it was hands-down one of the funnest shows I’ve ever done. And the response from the audience was pretty rapturous. It was a special night. And an extra added benefit: we made the Southampton Press. (If you have five minutes to waste, it’s a hilarious article). We are looking forward to more shows in the fall.