October 29, 2015

PopUpHad a great time on the road with Pop-Up Magazine in September and October. This was the most ambitious project yet from Pop-Up. In the old days, it was just a one-night event in San Francisco. Then a while back we did three cities. This time it was a full-on, seven city cross country tour. A big pleasure to share the stage w/ people like Davy Rothbart from Found Magazine, podcasters Tracy Clayton and Heben Nigatu, John Mooallem, NYTimes writer Jenna Wortham, the mind-blowing Manuel Cinema, and many others. My piece was about Susannah Mushatt Jones who is currently the oldest person in the world. She’s 116 years-old, lives in Brooklyn, and I filmed for a couple of days with her over the summer. This piece is part of a much larger and ongoing project documenting all the people who become the oldest person alive. Stay tuned for more details. Was very excited to wrap up the Pop-Up Magazine tour at BAM, where I’d never performed. A big thrill to be on stage at the Harvey.