March 23, 2016

20140417-Allen_Jim_20140417_1123Four years after the premiere of The Love Song of R. Buckminster Fuller, Yo La Tengo and I continue to screen the piece. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the continued interest in it. We recently did a terrific screening at SUNY Oswego and in a few weeks will screen the piece at one of my favorite venues in the world: Teatro de la Ciudad in Mexico City.

17-marzo-2014-Neoporfirismo-Teatro-de-la-Ciudad-17That’s the theater where I saw Guy Madden do a live version of his fantastic film Brand Upon the Brain way back in 2005 – the show included live narration by Isabella Rosellini, live soundtrack, and live foley and was a huge inspiration for me in developing my own form of live cinema. Looks like we’ll finally be screening LSRBF in Los Angeles in the fall. Stay tuned for details.